You, only you. An ode to single mothers.

You, only you. An ode to single mothers.

I see you, comforting your baby in the middle of the night.

Gently rocking from left to right.


Feelings of loneliness creep upon you.

A tear lands on your babies head.

So much hurt inside of you left unsaid.


When it’s dark outside and everyone is asleep

you realize it is only you.


It is you, only you and ALWAYS you.

Every doctors appointment, every cry, every bill, every diaper.

It is only you.


At times you feel worthless, weak, lonely & uncapable of coping.

But you have a heart that stays hoping.


And one day, you, only you, will reap the flowers of your sowing.

You will see that little baby grow up, grow older and stronger.


And then it will be you, only you, who will be able to say : I did that. I raised that kid !

It is you, only you, whom will get all the love, cuddles and kisses.

And one day you, only you, will hear: mommy, I love YOU, thank YOU.


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