What your baby’s first year will teach you

What your baby’s first year will teach you

What your baby’s first year will teach you.

I could write a whole book about what I have learned the past year.
About myself, about my baby, about my friends, the world in general.

How I will freak the fuck out with every little cough or temperature rise.

How my heart could break in a million pieces & how my heart could heal like wolverine.

About friends

I haven’t seen some people whom I thought were friends for a year now.

‘Friends’ will ghost you, you will lose ‘friends’ and that’s totally okay.
Whatever reason it may be, them not being ready for a #momlife friend, or you evolving past their social level and likes.

Don’t be mad, when one door closes another one opens.

On the other hand you will get closer to some of your friends!

I have some friends I have put on ‘family’ level the past year.
I love how much they love my daughter!

And if they are reading this ( they better are) I fucking love you ! Thank you for being there for us!

About sleep

You’ll learn that you don’t need sleep. At all.

Close your eyes for 5 seconds.. That’s all the sleep you need and will get.

All jokes aside, the first months are hard.

But you’ll learn that you are harder.

I had moments where I was still wiggling like I had my daughter in my arms but she wasn’t. I was just so tired.
Pushing her stroller thinking she was asleep in it, but she was in someone elses arms.

My daughter had colic, which meant for her that the first 3-4 months of her life she was up crying non stop from 19h-7h in the morning.

No exagerating. It was hell, I had severe lack of sleep. Yet somehow me being a single mom & recovering from a c-section survived.

If I can so can you !

It is mind blowing on how little sleep we can survive.

About yourself

I have actually gotten a huge confidence boost since becoming a mother.

Never have I felt this needed in my life, this useful, this loved.

One look in your kids eyes and you feel like you are a moviestar being admired.

I learned that I am actually way more patient than I ( and everyone else ) could ever imagine.
My daughter needs attention 24/7 and isn’t scared to throw a tantrum now and then lol.
Yet in some magical way I can handle it, where before I had her I would lash out if anyone would give me that attitude.

Her suffering from colic those first months taught me how caring and loving I really am.

I held her in my arms all night long, walking with her, dancing with her, singing for her. I tried everything to make her feel better. (ofcourse I had been to a doctor). The only way she slept was on me. So that’s what I did: sleep with her on me. Extremely uncomfortable for myself, but perfect for her.

And her needs come before mine

Being a single mom has only added to that confidence. I mean, if I can do this all alone I can do anything.

It’s funny because I always said I didn’t want children. Yet here I am, luckier than I have ever been, thanks to her.

About your body

You don’t need to train your arms during fitness. You’ll be carrying your baby 24/7 so that’ll get that covered.

I have a hate-love relationship with my postpartum body.

I love how my breasts provide super nutritious milk for my daughter. How my soft belly is fun for her to lay on.

How strong my body is, carrying her all day long, playing with her, dancing with her.

How strong my legs are to be able to carry the both of us.

A couple of months ago. #stronglegs #ilost6kilossincethen

But living in a society that glorifies only 1 body type, I don’t love how it looks.
I am learning to love it though, my new stretchmarks, my c-section scar and bulge. But it will take time.

About society

I confess: I used to give dirty looks if I heard kids cry or throw a tantrum.

But since becoming a mom I haven’t done it once! (applause for me please)
It is Obvious now that those are people without kids.
They don’t know about that #momlife.

Weirdly enough I also learned that people really don’t give a shit about you. I cannot count the times I was struggling with my stroller,carrying bags and sh*t almost falling flat on my face. And yes I may or may not have yelled a couple times why no one is helping.

About babies

Babies are fucking magical.

How much growing they do, physically and mentally.
It blows my mind how she is this fierce toddler already. #wheredidmytinybabygo

I admire her so much, every little thing she does seems like the biggest deal in the world. Because one month ago she couldn’t.

How can they one day be so tiny and helpless and barely move their neck, to now being a jumping dancing toddler in only 1 year.

You’ll be surprised how much snot a baby can have, how much times a day they can poop. Like seriously, what’s up with that???

About breastfeeding

I fucking love breastfeeding and breasts are the most amazing thing on earth (next to babies).

Your baby crying? put a titty in her mouth. Your baby sick? put a titty in her mouth (and the doctor ofcourse) Eczema? breastmilk. Eye infection? breast milk.

It costs you nothing, it is natural, it is the best gift you can give to your baby. It has antibodies, it has fucking everything.

I started out hesitantly thinking that i’ll just give it a try for at least 3 months. It was hard, I had pain for the first months (she had ni lipties etc, just sensitive). Yet I never gave up, because I wanted the best for her. Now more than a year later I love it, and I can’t wait for the next months,years,.. of our breastfeeding journey! We all know that look of love when they are drinking!

But most of all..

You will learn that life has become so much more beautiful, more painful in a sweet way, more meaningful.

How much more love there will be in your life. Oh my G, you will be filled with so much love! Once you see that look of love in your child’s eyes.. They will have your heart & soul.

It is all worth it, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.


I hope you enjoyed reading my post !

What have you learned during your baby’s first year?

-x Gitte


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