The epic battle between Valganciclovir and Cytomegalo

The epic battle between Valganciclovir and Cytomegalo

This is part 3 of a series, please start by reading part 1 The dark cloud of cytomegalovirus and part 2 Cytomegalovirus: What now?! first if you haven’t already.


The wonderful country of Dayaland, with inhabitants so peaceful and loving.

Grass that was greener than that on the other side, flowers blooming more colorful than others.

There was no need for an army, since all other countries loved the Queen of Dayaland.

The queen of Dayaland was the fairest of them all, with her gracious beauty and golden heart.

She could speak to others without saying a word.

Queen Daya

But one day, totally unexpected king Cytomegalo and his army decided to attack Dayaland.
He couldn’t stand the fact that queen Daya was the most loved of them all.

Queen Daya had summoned the inhabitants of her country to fight against Cytomegalo, however they were outnumbered.

Cytomegalo was creating heavoc for months until queen Daya decided to ask help from King Valganciclovir.

Valganciclovir was the king of Valcyte, a country where the inhabitants had an immense power. All they did was weightlift all day and sword fight.

King Valganciclovir


So it begins

On a cold December day, the 23rd to be precise, they met for the first time.

It was a long awaited encouter between Valganciclovir the great and Cytomegalo the bad.

Valganciclovir was requested to come join the battle to recapture Dayaland.

Cytomegalo had conquered Dayaland for the past 10 months, which lead to destruction in Braintown and the Eastern side of Eartown.
There had also been minor fires and havoc in other parts of the country.

But no matter what, the folks of Dayaland stood proud and strong. Not for 1 second did they think about surrendering.


Sunrise and Sunset

Valganciclover made a plan to attack Cytomegalo two times a day, during Sunset and during Sunrise.

He knew the battle wouldn’t be won in one week, since it was deemed better to do only two attacks a day.

If he had done more attacks there would be the risk of Cytomegalo panicking and destroying the whole country in the process.

The attacks were cleverly planned out, they tried and hit the soft spots of Cytomegalo’s army as to kill them slowly, stab by stab.

All the time queen Daya fought alongside the soldiers. She fought so graciously and never got defeated nor wounded. In fact it is rumoured that she was actually the strongest of them all.


Check ups

Dayaland’s healer had to do weekly or bi-weekly check ups on all the soldiers.

The war was very tough and could create a lot of dead and wounded soldiers. So to be sure there wouldn’t be big losses she checked on the soldiers, to heal them if needed.
The soldiers were so strong, none of them had any major injuries.

So they kept on fighting the war, something that no one would ever predict that would happen.
Because a war so big would normally cause a huge loss of soldiers.

End of the war

On the 23rd of June the battle was fought and the war was won by Dayaland and Valganciclovirs army.

There was such a relief over the whole country, finally the war was over and they could go back to their normal lives.

Sadly Eastern-Eartown and parts of Braintown couldn’t be saved. But thanks to Valganciclovirs army Western-Eartown would normally not be influenced by the war. Braintown now has the chance to try and develop normally despite the war.



Now for real

I had a lot of fun writing that story!

Since it is such a serious subject, I thought I would give it a fun twist so her story isn’t such a sad one.

Because if it’s one thing I want her to learn, it’s to not be sad about what happened.

But to be proud of what she has overcome.
Because after all, she IS Queen Daya.

Daya is almost a year old at the moment, so it is almost 5 months that she is medication free!

She was able to complete the full 6 months of the treatment, and never had any abnormalities in her blood.

She was required to take Valganciclovir in the morning and evening. The amount became more and more as time passed since her bloodtests Always stayed perfect.

I actually lost count of how many times she had her blood tested. But let me tell you that it was A LOT.

The first months it was really hard for the nurses to find a suitable vein, so sometimes they had to try twice.
She Always had bruises because of the blood taking. She now has small scars on her hand.

The last 3 months of the treatment I started getting panic attacks everytime we had to go to the hospital.

I couldn’t stand to see her cry, to hold her down everytime. It takes a long time to take blood of a baby, their blood flows so slowly in the tube. One time it was a full 20 minutes, 2 tries, a baby hysterically crying, and me on the verge of losing my mind and taking my baby to leave.

I’m glad my mother accompanied us everytime, I’m sure that if she didn’t I would have ran away with Daya a couple times.


Ofcourse in the mean time her hearing has been tested twice again.

Since it is still a possibility that she might get deaf in her left ear too, or that her hearing in her right ear declines.
BUT let’s just hope the medication does what it is supposed to do.

Her tests came back fine, nothing has changed in her hearing, her left ear is still perfectly fine.

After one of her hearing tests

The word ‘stress’ is not enough to explain how I feel when I have to get her ears tested.

I swear I am a cheerleader for her left ear, I will do anything to protect it.
When we are in large crowds with lots of noice she has to wear hearing protection.( Which I recommend to everyone)

She actually enrolled in a Study from the university of Leuven. They are studying the difference in development between single-sided deaf children with and without a cochlear Implant. I will write a whole post about that ! So keep checking the site for that.

Party time

I think I told Daya at least 4545165 million times that once she finishes the treatment I would throw a big party for her!

It was a thought that helped me keep it together.

So June 24th we partied! I baked 3 vegan pies ( I NEVER bake, however they came out really tasty), and I made delicious vegan pasta and a rice stirfry.

I invited family and friends so we could all celebrate Daya.

The party was a nice closure after a rough period. The story isn’t finished yet, but the main part is done.

Her hearing still has to be tested every 6 months, and in December she has to go to ‘COS’ a center for children with developmental issues to check on her development. And ofcourse she will still be tested by the university of Leuven for their study.

Only time will tell, but at least we tried our best.


This was part 3 of a series about Daya’s CMV story, this is considered the last part of this series.

In the future I will post about tests and appointments etc separately.

Thank you for reading, it would be amazing to share with parents/to be so we can all together bring awareness to Congenital CMV.

-x Gitte



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  1. Thank you for charing. I wish you and Daya all the best
    Lilianne (Swedish relative to Jokelien)

    1. Thank you Lilianne! wish you the best too ! xx

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