7 Single mom pet peeves

7 Single mom pet peeves

What a single mother secretly hates

I will list here 7 pet peeves I have, and that I have heard from other single moms. Yes we secretly complain about y’all.

Maybe it can help you to know that you are not the only one. Hooray we all hate this shit.

And maybe it can help stop non- single moms or dads or whomever from doing this. Lol.

Sit down, relax and laugh a little, it isn’t that serious.


1. When you get told they know how you feel and how hard it all is. Just because their spouse was away for a couple of days.

Nop nop NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. You do not know how it feels just because you were alone for a couple of days.
You do not know the tiredness that comes from being the only caregiver everyday 24/7. 

You don’t know the loneliness when your kid is finally asleep and you have no one to vent to.

You also don’t have a clue how hard it is to make important decisions alone. You can Always just call them on their holiday. We can’t.

Every single moment it is just us, us taking care of the kid(s), making decisions, being there when they are sick. No one else to rely on.

We never get a break

2. When people ask if you know who the father is.

Oh God no I have no clue ! I think I got pregnant during that alien abduction. mhmhm.

It would be oh so funny if it wasn’t insulting.  Yes I know who the father is, so does he. My friends, family and everyone that needs to know it knows.

If you don’t know it it means it is none of your business.

Since when is this question okay to ask? Really?

3. Why isn’t her father in her life?

Well I have no freaking clue, but thanks for asking me so I can repeat this in my head 24/7 like I used to do for months.

That’s so nice of you !

4. When people think you are desperately looking for a new partner.

I mean, I already have a kid to take care off, I really don’t need another one right now.

I am good, thanks !

And no I do not secretly try to seduce your spouse.

5. I’m sorry it must be so hard, I could never. I am soooooooooo thankful that I am not alone.

Yeah I know, you could never. But there’s no need to try and make us feel pathetic. Especially not to rub it in.

I am good, my daughter is good. I got this.

It’s hard but I am harder.

We do not need fake sympathy, you may however babysit instead so we can rest.

6. The secret judgement.

No we didn’t do anything horribly wrong to scare away the father.

No we didn’t sleep with their father or killed their mother.

Sometimes shit just happens.

7. All the freaking papers asking for both parents info.

I get it, we live in a heteronormative society which deems 2 parents as the norm (especially heterosexual couples).
However it is really freaking comfronting and annoying to have to put a big fat line over alllllllll of that.

Can we please make a special set of papers for us special single parents?



Phewww the frustrations!

Fellow single moms (or dads), any pet peeves to add to this list?

Any non single mother’s secretly offended?

Let me know in the comments!

And don’t forget:

I love you all, single parent or not.

-x Gitte


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