How to survive your toddler’s tantrums

How to survive your toddler’s tantrums

Toddler = tantrum

My 16 month old toddler has gone into tantrum mode.

I’m going to write down some tips on how YOU can survive those tantrums.

Because yes, I am pretty sure we can die from their tantrums. *overreacting*

Where is my little baby?

I don’t know what happened, but that little baby that was happy all the time is gone. Maybe she got kidnapped, cloned and replaced, but this ain’t her anymore. (I am being a dramaqueen, she’s still happy and jolly 90% of the time. But that other 10%..)

Remind yourself that nothing is forever

No your toddler is not gonna lay on the floor forever.

It may feel like that when you are out and about and your toddler decided to throw herself on the floor. But I can guarantee you they will get back up.

Let people stare and judge, maybe even join your kid on the floor. Have a little rest while you lay down will you?

They don’t do it on purpose

THE best thing I have ever read is :

Your child is not giving you a hard time, your child is having a hard time.

This is basically all you need to remember. Yes it is hard for us too, but imagine being so little and feeling all those emotions and having absolutely no clue about how to manage them.

Must feel horrible, so they act out. In the hopes of you helping them regulate their emotions.

Which is our job as parents.


I am a really impatient person.

No one would have ever guessed that I could be this patient with my daughter.

Yes, it frustrates me sometimes, yes I feel like yelling sometimes. But she is my love,my heart. She does not deserve to be yelled at.

We should treat children with patience and respect. Even when we do not have any patience.

So I just breathe. I breathe in, count to 5, breathe out, count to 10. I do this a couple of times. This should regulate your stress levels and calm you down to be there to help your toddler.

Vent to other moms

Remember that you are not alone in this wonderfull thing called motherhood. It may feel like it sometimes, but believe me, you are not alone in this.

We have all went through some shitty parenting moments. And we should all support eachother and give help and tips where we can.

Whether it be real life friends, or that awesome mommy group you are in; vent about your sh*t.

Bottling up feelings and frustrations is a no-no, because one day the bucket will be full and spill over.

Vent before it is too late Momzilla.

Look up gentle parenting

Gentle parenting isn’t only gentle for your child, it is also gentle for you. Not yelling and getting angry for every stupid little thing, reading up about your childs development and WHY they act how they do will save you a lot of tears and frustrations.

Children are not evil creatures out there to get you, and they should not be treated that way.

Growing up is already hard, lets not make it any harder for them.


Get some me time

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Selfcare is extremely important for everyone.

I make sure I get a massage once a month.

Being the sole caretaker I really need that. (I actually need it every week lol but let’s be realistic.)

Whether it be a massage, a whole day me-cation, reading a book, taking a bath.. DO IT.

We deserve it.


Get to your childs level

Sit down, hold your child, ask them what’s wrong. They may not be able to answer, but they will realize that you are there. That you are trying to help them and that they are not in this alone. This will help them calm down quicker and gives them a feeling of safety to freely express their emotions. Do not try and tell them to not act up or to ‘act normal’. In the long run it will only do harm and teach them to not show their emotions.

I hope you enjoyed reading, what was the funniest thing your toddler threw a tantrum for? Let me know! -x Gitte

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