How to fly with a baby- Tips from a flight attendant

How to fly with a baby- Tips from a flight attendant

How to fly with a baby- Tips from a flight attendant

I remember very clearly the disappointed faces from passengers when they saw someone board with a baby.

I absolutely loved being a flight attendant, and would love to pass on some tips to fly with your baby!

Honestly I never did mind to have baby’s on board. Yes they could sometimes cry a little, but unlike ‘adult’ pax (passengers for the non fa’s) they do not shout at you nor throw money at you. (Yes that really happened, it was only 50cent though, cheap ass).

I have flown to Budapest → A non-conventional guide to Budapest and Prague with my daughter in her now 13months on earth, and she was a Delight! But that might be because she inherited my flying genes. Hehe


How to prepare for your flight at home

Please pack your Luggage 2 days before, so you do not have to be stressing at the last moment.

If you do so, it gives you the time to go and buy something the next day that you need for your vacation.
Leave out your toothbrush, medication etc, but do make a reminder in your Phone to pack it before leaving.

I recommend making a list of what you need to pack, it’s a good visual to know if you have forgotten something or not.

Make sure you take enough clothes for your baby, take some spare clothes with you. Do not forget sunscreen or anti-fever meds.

Don’t pack your babies favorite toys yet, you will need to pack them in your carry-on Luggage.
What I also did was check online for any Pediatricians or hospitals close to the hotel. You never know right?

What flights you should take

I would recommend to not take a really early flight. For the obvious reason being that you do not want to wake a sleeping baby.(DUH). Also a late night flight isn’t that ideal, it will mess up your babies sleep.

And a sleepy baby is a fussy baby!

I would suggest flying between 9A.M to 7P.M ( knowing that you have to be at the airport +-2hrs earlier if you don’t check in online).

Anything earlier or later will mess up your babies sleep too much.

If possible reserve a seat at the aisle so you can easily go to the toilet etc with your baby.

What to take in your carry on luggage

If you allow screentime: bring an IPad or Tablet or whatever you want to play videos on.
On one of our flights we had a 2 and a half hour delay but we were already on the airplane. (Hurray)

I had a little panic attack because how the hell would I keep her content all that time AND during flight?

So I pulled out my Phone and entertained her with some BabyTv during the moments that she didn’t want to play. #Lifesaver

Ofcourse take your babies favorite toys with you. (Teddybear, rattle, book,chewtoy…)

People will hate you for bringing a noisy toy but hey, at least your baby isn’t crying right?!

If you bottle feed don’t forget your formula and a small water bottle (which in Europe is allowed to take on board for your baby).

Just ask the flight attendants nicely to warm up your formula. It might take a while since it will be done au bain-marie. (No there are no microwaves on board)

Do not forget to take a baby blanket with you. Because as we all know airplanes are either too hot or too cold. So be prepared.

Make sure to have a spare romper and maybe pants and a tshirt for blow outs. And ofcourse diapers and wipes.

If your baby is old enough to eat snacks do take some snacks with you.

During Take-off and landing

Check if your baby isn’t dressed too warm or too cold ( that’s why I advise to dress with layers). Add or remove if needed.

If you breastfeed you should breastfeed during take off and landing. The suckling movement relieves the pressure on your babies ears.
If you aren’t breastfeeding try and let them drink water (or formula) from their bottle.

I haven’t had any negative comments about breastfeeding on the airplane so do not worry. The law is on your side.
If you feel uncomfortable doing so, just cover yourself up.

I have actually never had any negative comments about breastfeeding in public. I give thanks for that to my resting bitch face.

Please do NOT remove your or your babies seatbelt if you have dropped anything or whatever. Wait until you are cleared to and then do so.

If your baby is crying during take off or landing it is due to the change in pressure. It will pass, and if it doesn’t pass hours after the flight is done please go get your babies ears checked.

During flight

Because I was a flight attendant I know that turbulence can happen at any moment. So I never take my seatbelt off when seated.

I advise you to do the same. You can easily play with your baby fastened on you.

Let your travelcompany sitting next to you play peek-a-boo, let your baby play with his/her toys, read a little story.
My daughter actually enjoyed flying and wasn’t fussy that much. During almost the whole flight she was laughing and entertaining the people sitting next to us. A dream right?

The times were she did get bored we played peek-a-boo and did puppetry with her teddy’s.

I breastfed her when she was hungry, and wiggled her to sleep when she got tired.

Make sure to keep your baby (and yourself) properly hydrated! The air in an airplane is extremely dehydrating.

There is a baby changing table in the toilets, so please do not change your baby’s diaper on the seats, and do not put a dirty diaper in the seatpockets. (You have no idea how many people do that, disgusting)


Do not stress too much

I wish you the most peaceful flight ever.
And even if your baby cries, it isn’t the end of the world.
Baby’s cry, everyone knows that.
And if someone gives you dirty looks just smile back.

Don’t let it ruin your amazing vacation with your loved ones.


I hope you enjoyed my tips!

Have you already flown with your baby?
What are some extra tips that you have? I would love to read them in the comments!

-x Gitte



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