Easy healthy vegan recipe: Pesto pasta

Easy healthy vegan recipe: Pesto pasta

Today I am sharing my easy healthy vegan recipe for pesto pasta!

Last summer I started gardening, and I had a huge basil plant!
It was extremely gorgeous and I was so proud of it.
I will plant a new one with it’s seeds.

Ofcourse there’s only so much basil you can use in pasta sauces, so I made this pesto recipe to use it all up!

Mmm delicious pesto pasta!

I paired my pesto with pasta,  but ofcourse you can eat anything with pesto.

It can also freeze without a problem ! So double or tripple the recipe if you like!

Pesto pasta

Portion enough for 500gr pasta

45 leaves (yes i counted lol) of basil
30 gr of pinenuts
4 tbsp of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
1 (big) clove of garlic
1tsp of nutritional yeast
optional a dash of lemon juice

Wash your basil and press your garlic with your garlic press.
In the meanwhile roast your pine nuts in a skillet until lightly browned with a bit of oil.
Add everything into your blender/mixer until it has your desired texture.

And honestly that’s it, so easy.
I added some extra toasted pine nuts on my pasta for extra taste.


-x Gitte

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  1. Sounds and looks amazing. I can’t wait to try cooking my first vegan meal! Just gotta buy a blender first 😅.

    1. jaa echt lekker en super easy ! als het goe weer is ga ik weer make, hopelijk weer ne gigantische basilicum plant 😀 x

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