About Me

Gitte Vander Elst


Welcome to my blog! You will see a nice mix of single momlife, parenting, my life, self help etc.
I am a 27 year old single mom of an amazing daughter living in Belgium.
I would describe myself as caring, creative, humorous and a tad bit crazy. I love writing, photography, travel, being out in nature & having fun with Daya.
I love to add a little bit of humour in my posts. Or maybe I am just the only one that thinks it’s funny.
You will see !
-x Gitte

Daya Robin Vander Elst

Welcome to my mommies blog.
Obviously I am not writing this, but you get the picture!

I am Daya, a 2 year old living with my mommy in Belgium.

I would describe myself as extremely funny, energetic, strong willed, extremely confident and afraid of nothing. I am also really sweet my mommy says.
Everyone else would describe me as a little Sunshine that enters the room because I love to laugh and dance.

I love watching Babytv, Bumba, ‘reading’ books, petting animals, dance and have fun!
I also love to always have my way.

-x Daya

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