A poem to my daughter: from a single mother

A poem to my daughter: from a single mother

A poem to my daughter: from a single mother.

My sweet daughter,


I am sorry that your father is not here,

I am sorry that I couldn’t convince him to love his own blood.

God knows how many times I have tried, I did the best I could.


You are still too young now to understand,

that you can’t teach a boy how to be a man.


I am dreading the day  when you’ll ask me why he isn’t there.

Because baby I have no clue,  all I know is that he doesn’t care.

Just know that it’s not something that you or I have done.

It’s him, he’s just plain dumb.


I will spent the rest of my life making sure you don’t miss a damn thing.
You will never feel like you are lacking something.

I will shower you with the love of 2, heck, my love for you is that of a hundred.

You are my reason to breathe if you’ve ever wondered.


I try my best to be a good role model for you,

because monkey see,monkey do.

I’m hoping you won’t get affected by this,

because baby you are my biggest bliss.


I’m trying to find the words to say

how I wished your dad was here for you today.


But I know that no matter what you will be alright,

because mama will teach you to never give up the fight.



No more words needed.

-x Gitte

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  1. Wauw, met een mond vol tanden. Prachtig!

    1. bedankt !! xx

  2. Such a beautiful poem! It mead me tear up. <3

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