A non-conventional guide to Budapest

A non-conventional guide to Budapest

My house in Budapest My hidden treasure chest

Honestly, who hasn’t decided to look up Budapest after this song?

I wrote this blogpost, hated it and then rewrote it.

It looked too much like an advertisement for Budapest, showcasing what should be liked.

It was boring and the same old stuff like everyone writes..

So here is what I think that are must sees, not what I should think that are must sees.

(Are you still with me ? lol )

The first time I went to Budapest it was during winter time.
I had a little break from work and was looking for cheap citytrips.

Ofcourse I ended up with Budapest !

For around 200 euros I booked my flight tickets AND hotel ! Crazy right?!

Budapest during winter

Let me warn you: it is cold with temperatures around zero or under, and a really cold wind !

You really need to bring a good coat and gloves and a scarf and EVERYTHING with you if you go during winter time.

But it is so magical ! There is such a charm about strolling the streets in Budapest during winter time.

Disregarding the cold, I like Budapest the most during winter time !

From the ice skating rink in Budapest park, to the Christmas market by Basilica or Vorosmarty square.

The Christmas markets are extremely cozy and the Christmas decorations are amazing !

Central market hall during winter time
Budapest fashion street during winter

If you want to know more about the Christmas markets & winter events in Budapest I like to refer you to http://budapestchristmas.com/

Budapest during summer

We went back to Budapest this summer, with extremely unusual hot weather as the locals told.

It was a little bit busier in the city, but still not as busy as other big cities ( which I like ! ).

This time ofcourse I had my daughter with me ! So it was really difficult to visit the Buda part of Budapest with my stroller.

Please keep that in mind when you want to visit Budapest with a baby.
The city should be made more wheelchair friendly imo.


Budapest card

I highly recommend buying a Budapest card! More info can be found on their official website https://www.budapestinfo.hu/card-information

The regular 72hours one will cost you 42.99euros and includes: Free public transport, 17 museums with no entry fees, free entry to the Lukács Bath, and free walking sightseeing tours, a free cave tour, free entry to the Palace of Wonders. The Budapest Card is all of that and much more! In addition to free services, restaurants, places of interest, unique programs and gift shops await those with a city card with discounts of up to 50%.

I LOVED the free walking tours ! I did the Buda one and the one in Pest during my winter trip ! The tourguide was really friendly and knew what she was talking about. At first I thought it would just be a lame old boring tour but I actually really had fun !


Ofcourse you must visit the Chain bridge !It was the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Hungary, opened in 1849.

Chain bridge during summer

It is a musthave place to take some cheesy Budapest pictures, because ofcourse you need a Chain bridge picture.

That was my plan during my first trip.I thought I took one, however I didn’t. It was another bridge.

I thought this was the Chain bridge. Silly me


The shoes on the danube are a moving memorial of the atrocities that happened during the Holocaust.

If you would like to know more about the Holocaust & Budapest I recommend visiting https://www.offbeatbudapest.com/budapest-city-guide/jewish-budapest/holocaust-memorials

To stay in the same atmosfere : I also visited the synagogue in Dohany street ! It is the second-largest synagogue in the world !

The controversial memorial to the victims of the German invasion is also a must see ( and not far from Reagan’s monument). It is heartbreaking to read the testimonies hanging there out of protest.

While you are there, stroll around and look at the amazing buildings from all the different embassies!


I fell in love however, with the Matthias church. I don’t think I have ever seen something so beautiful and Majestic!

If you like to read more about the history of Matthias church I like to refer you to http://budacastlebudapest.com/matthias-church/


Actually the whole Buda side is my favorite! The church, the castle, the museum, fisherman’s bastion, everything! You should really spend a whole day exploring the Buda side.

Hungarian National Gallery

Obviously you should go and see the Parliamentit is my second favorite building in Budapest.

Taken outside the building in front of the parliament


My all time favorite thing to do when I am visting a city; wander.
No guides, no ‘must see’ monuments. Just wandering the Streets.
That is how you see the most amazing buildings (I love architecture).

It’s how you get a real feeling of the city, a real connection with a culture.

The opera building is a delicacy for any architecture lover! I did the guided tour (honestly not that fun, I just wanted to see the inside).

I also visited the Budapest history museum which was really interesting ! But it was prohibited to take pictures.


Eventhough I went two times already, I still haven’t seen everything!

The first time I wasn’t there long enough to see everything, and the second time I had to play tourguide for my mother so I went to the same places.
The next time I go I would love to take the evening sightseeing cruise on the Danube, visit Margaret Island, one of the bath places, Heroes square and Memento park.

Both times I went for 3 days, which is not enough.
Although all blogs said that 3 days are enough, believe me that it is not.

If you are a real human being that gets tired and not a cyborg, I recommend at least a 4-5 days stay.

DISCLAIMER: If you are going with kids you should go 1546545231321 days, because you can’t get anything done with kids. (Just joking) 

What to buy?

You should really visit the market place and buy you some delicious Goulash herb mix to make vegan goulash!

I also bought Paprika powder (duh) and Saffron !

Dried peppers and chilipeppers are also a must buy !


Vegan food


For a country with a heavily meat eating culture (goulash) it is actually surprising that there are so many vegan restaurants.

I will list my favorites here !

Great bistro

It is a 100% vegan, 100% glutenfree bistro ! With a super cute interior and THE BEST CHICKPEA OMELET EVER !

As in all diners in Budapest they are very reasonably priced, especially considering it’s all vegan and glutenfree!


I honestly want to jump on a plane right now and eat 145264 chickpea omelets.

I have been trying for 5 months now to replicate their omelet, however I fail completely.

They are located at Bank Utca 6 .

Napfényes étterem

It has magnificent vegan cuisine, with european dishes, hungarian dishes, asian dishes.. There is something for everyone! They also have glutenfree options & they sell pastry.

It is quite a big restaurant, with a really professional feeling to the interior. They have soirees with various artists.

It is very reasonably priced, especially considering how fancy it all looks! Everything I ate there was super delicious.

As you can see in the pictures : fancy shmancy !

They are located at Ferenciek Tere 2

Mennyország szíve Bio Bolt Organic Health Food&Coffee Shop

It was cold, I was hungry and I stumbled upon this place.
It’s a small store with organic produce and they also serve vegan lunch and dinner.(glutenfree option)
I honestly did not expect too much of it, since it is such a small place. But was I surprised !!!

I received a big plate with DELICIOUS vegan food !

It looked simple, but the taste was just perfect ! I was really pleasantly surprised and highly recommend visiting!
It was also really inexpensive.

They are located at Nefelejcs utca 3

Last but not least! A place that is situated at the Buda side! Most vegan places are at the Pest side.

Szelence café

A really nice café with cozy interior ! They close at 4 (6 in the weekend) so it’s a lunchplace.

I had the delicious plate of the day, and ended with an amazing piece of raw vegan cake ! They ofcourse had glutenfree options.

I really loved going there & the staff was really friendly!  They were really affordable like most places in Budapest !

They are situated at Pauler Utca 8

Thank you for reading! Tell me, have you been to Budapest yet? If yes, what were your favorites? If no, what are you waiting for?

-x Gitte

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